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Join the Team of team style scrum guild that teaches one another big-room planning techniques, remote scrum team techniques, and works together to learn by way of professionally led masterminds, big-room online crash sessions and live un-conferences
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Agile Name Game, Smart Batches and Extreeme Single Tasking ppl!

James Kies Presents at Ocala I.T. Pro's

Bryce Calton
Senior Mgr at Verizon, IT

I have worked with James on multiple projects and have always been impressed. James' first coached one of my application teams to improve our delivery through a redesign of our app and then initiated our transformation with iterative BDD cycles. James and I also worked on community-forming initiatives.. Besides the software development and coaching skills, James is a specialist on bringing professionals together to form beneficial and sustainable human connections

Ryan Harper
Ryan has a account
Site Reliability Engineering & DevOps Transformation

I have really enjoyed working with James in the Verizon Dojo. He has all the attributes of a great coach including patience and understanding. James is also very knowledgeable about all things Agile, Cloud and DevOps and I would highly recommend James for any company that wants to see success with their Dojo or Agile/DevOps transformation.

Bosko Kacarevic
Bosko has a account
Cloud Knowledge and Communications Manager at Verizon

James and I had many conversations around Communities of Practice (CoP) and brainstorming sessions on setting up a framework for a Communities as a Service concept at Verizon. What's clear right away, is that James is passionate about the human connections that need to be made in order for CoP to be successful. Take that element and combine it with his technical expertise and you have someone that would be an asset to any organization. You can't help but be inspired by his enthusiasm!
James Kies
Scrum Master
James is a passionate change agent, an excellent facilitator and knows how to surface the cultural issues that can destroy many transformations. If you want to get at the heart of agile, James is the person you want to reach out to.
Helping Growth Startups and Mergers form Agile Scrum Micro Team Organizational Architectures
The Cloud Native Micro Service Organizational Architecture is what Lean, Agile and Scrum evolve into as they strive to become relevant in the backdrop of so much new learning, says James Kies. Then all of his friends stopped and looked at him funny. Jokes on them, it can save 90% of the cost and time of an actual move to transform business from about any industry.
With the help of my team, we bring the entire conference on-site for a multi-day all staff training event or full company online-event, that can fit any scale. There is a bit of preliminary executive, leadership and management coaching and working to get the organization appropriately refactored and the project models all converted into product models.
We then work to quickly reboot the entire company under a very different organizational structure, new shared cultural experiences and tools, and all playing the same game, using the same words, in a remote-first, company wide model.
Then, as the same company with an entirely new feel, and set of capabilities, we resume the following work week running as a remote first, team first, learning first, value first, communication first, trust first, organization that begins to unleash massive amounts of learning, and wisdom that are completely interrupted in the traditional organizational structure.
There is no other program with as much success, or ability to swap and train from capital, to cash-flow, to business services, to executing the work.
Most of our work is no longer in or specific to IT companies or companies that produce anything software related. Legal, Medical, Banking, Automotive, Fishing, what will be next? This has nothing to do with software, and everything to do with people. The challenge we mostly face is how to "scale" the startup and startup-ceo as she or he hits those critical scaling moments of 25, 125, 600, 3000 staff etc.. Ours is a unique system designed to help with this very thing
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